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OhLook Theatre and OhLook Creative Institute to be Cornerstone of the Village at Colleyville

Richard Myers, president of Realty Capital Corp., which is developing the Village site, wants the Village at Colleyville to be like a traditional downtown, with tree-lined  sidewalks, outdoor cafes and many fountains throughout. "The thing I like most is the proximity to City Park," Myers said. "And the view up Main Street should be quite impressive." A 30,000-square-foot, 2-story city hall coupled with the city's 24,000-square-foot library will be the focal point of Main Street within the Village of Colleyville. "Between the Village and City Park, we think it  will be the hub of Colleyville community life," Myers told the council.

Part of the Colleyville community life will include the OhLook Theatre and OhLook Creative Institute. Located within the  Village and just a few buildings down Main Street from City Hall, the OhLook Theatre and Creative Institute will provide the Performing Arts segment of Colleyville lifestyle. With OhLook's affiliation with The Juilliard  School and Nickelodeon Television, this world-class venue will set Colleyville apart from surrounding communities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Along with the impressive City Hall complex and City Park, this makes the OhLook Theatre and OhLook Creative Institute a cornerstone of the Village at Colleyville development.

This Executive Summary presents an overview of the OhLook Theatre and OhLook Creative Institute concept. Both the  Theatre and Institute are nearing the build-out phase of development at the Village at Colleyville.

OhLook Theatre

OhLook Theatre is dedicated to bringing high-end professional talent to DFW-area residents in an intimate setting for a charge far below what an audience would normally pay to see them.

The Theatre will offer:

 A for-profit theatre that is an asset to the community.

  • An intimate, upscale, 250 seat theatre with 500-seat potential.
  • Major talent that does not normally perform in this intimate of a venue.
  • Bar/concession service along with a limited dinner menu before and after performances.
  • Affordable ticket prices with childcare available.

OhLook Creative Institute

OhLook Creative Institute is being established to offer children from birth to 18 years of age an introduction and the ability to explore and learn the creative arts and technical arts with working professionals in these fields as their instructors. 

The Institute will offer:

A melding of creative arts and technical arts.

  • Student instruction by working professionals.
  • Students the chance to work in an atmosphere along side these professionals.
  • The dramatic arts division - affiliation with The Juilliard School in New York.
  • The computer arts division - affiliation with Nickelodeon Television.

Investment Structure and Returns

Details available upon request.

Business Financing

The Theatre and Institute will raise investor equity and borrow funds  from a bank to fund the start-up of both operations.

Timetable of Operations

Details available upon request.


The Theatre and Institute will be  located at 88 Village Lane, Colleyville, Texas.  This location in the Village of Colleyville should draw patrons and students from all of Northeast Tarrant County. Note the proximity of the OhLook Theatre and  Creative Institute to the City Hall Library and City Hall Plaza. The OhLook complex will form the Performing Arts center of the Village of Colleyville. The demographics in the area are outstanding, with approximately  200,000 people within a five-mile radius of the business.  The area is filled with children (potential students) also.  Of those 200,000 26% of them (or over 55,000) are under the age of 17.

OhLook Theatre � Concept & Strategy

 Why it will work � example.

Nan and Stan want to do something fun this weekend.  They begin to look through the Dallas Morning News  Entertainment section to see what is going on in the Dallas area.

Movies?  Good price and value for their money, but ordinary.  They can go to a movie anytime and even if they miss it at the  theatre they can see it on video or cable in a couple of months.

Sporting event?  Stars and Mavericks tickets are difficult to get, pricey (up to $181 dollars for prime seats) and the seats in their price range (around $35 each) are so far from the players they'd rather stay home and watch it on TV.

There may be a new art exhibit in town, but Nan & Stan decide they want something more interactive. They have narrowed it down to some kind of live theatre or music.

There are some clubs in the area that have some live bands playing, but Nan and Stan are in their mid 30's and don't really  feel comfortable in the club scene anymore.  They look at some of the larger venues:

Janet Jackson at the American Airlines Center with prices ranging from $39.75 � $79.75 and a seating capacity of 18,000.

The Dallas Symphony has a big band concert in their Pop series with tickets ranging from $19 - $85 and a seating capacity of 2,000.

A touring Broadway musical is playing at Fair  Park with tickets ranging from $32.50 - $65 and a seating capacity of 3,420.

Sounds great, but again the seats in their price range put them so far away from the performers that they might as well stay  home and listen to an album.

Maybe something more intimate they think.  In the smaller venues there are many options in their price range: straight theater, musicals, or comedy night clubs. Some of these look interesting, but they'd like some place where they could get drinks and maybe some food during the show.  That narrows the field drastically to only 3 venues: Addison Improv Comedy, Pocket Sandwich Theatre, and OhLook Theatre.

Looking at the performers at these particular venues, they notice that the actors performing at the OhLook Theatre have performed lead roles on Broadway, at the Metropolitan Tramadol online pharmacy Opera, San Francisco Opera, and other large professional venues.  Nan and Stan realize that at OhLook they can see a show with this amazing talent in an intimate setting at one-third of the price they would pay in  San Francisco or New York.

Nan and Stan immediately call to book their table at the OhLook Theatre.

OhLook Theatre is committed to offering major recognizable stage talent in an intimate,  informal setting at affordable prices.  They want to be at the cultural hub of the community and establish themselves as 'the' place to go for the finest in theatre, musical theatre, opera, and music of all genres.

What is it?

OhLook Theatre plans to fill its stage with top name national talent.  The plan is to be a talent-based theatre, not a production heavy theatre.  The performers at the  theatre will be talent that has been seen in leading roles on Broadway, and in major opera houses around the world.  These performers can be seen at the OhLook Theatre in an intimate venue that audiences have never  been able to have access to in this area and at a price far below what a Broadway show or opera ticket would cost.

How is it possible?

How can the Theatre and Institute attract such talent in a cost-effective manor? These are performers that generally perform in venues that are thousands of seats; won't they demand thousands of dollars?  The founders of OhLook Theatre have been and still are in the performing arts for over 20 years performing themselves, in these large venues, along side of this top talent.  The contacts and friendships made over these years' gives the founders a strong edge over our  competitors and direct access to these talented individuals.  That means no agents in the mix, only our Founders dealing with their friends.  OhLook Productions, the parent company to the OhLook Theatre, has  already acquired a large pool of talent in their other endeavor, Master Performances Company.  All of the talent currently on the roster for Master Performances has agreed to perform at the OhLook Theatre when  their schedules allow for a nominal fee and living expenses for the run of the show.

 OhLook Creative Institute � Concept & Strategy

What is it?

OhLook Creative Institute melds arts and technology.  OCI will offer classes, workshops and seminars for the creative minded child.  Class offerings will include, but not be limited to, digital film production, music composition, acting, singing, dance, theatre production, computer animation and computer arts.  Working professionals and experts in each of these particular fields will teach these classes. 

 The main focus of OCI will be to introduce, teach and mentor children and young adults from infancy to age 18, but also offer classes for adults interested in learning or honing their creative skills.

 OCI's goal is to encourage the union of art and technology � right and left brain, and to create an atmosphere where artists can develop their craft while the technically inclined enhance their creativity.

 Why is it important?

Classes offered at the Institute will begin with infants and follow through until they are ready to go to  college or begin their professional career.  It is OCI's belief that the classes offered and the skills that are learned will benefit students far beyond the theatre or computer lab.  Kids at risk of dropping  out of school can often find creative drama the opportunity to shine. It has been found that students who study arts regularly out perform non-art students on S.A.T. scores.   According to college entrance  examination boards, students with four years of art study scored 53 points higher on Verbal and 35 points higher on Math.  Imagine what the scores could be with students that had the advantage of not just four years of study but 12 or 16 years.  The Institute's computer classes will be offered to students beginning at 3 and 4 years old.  Research has shown that 3 and 4 year-old children who use computers, with developmentally correct software, have significantly greater developmental gains when compared to children without computer experiences � gains in intelligence, nonverbal skill, structural knowledge, long-term memory, manual dexterity, verbal skills, problem solving, abstraction, and conceptual skills.  

How is it different?

Many children are now taught computers and theatre arts in school.  Why would a parent pay for something their children are getting for free?  OCI's classes will greatly differ from those taught in public school.  In addition to their cutting-edge approach to the tools they will teach, they will also have actual working/professional actors, artists, and animators teaching the classes.  They will also offer workshops by recognizable name talent in each of these fields.   Students must usually wait until they reach college to be taught by individuals that actually work in the field that they are teaching.  Even then, it is usually one or two classes at prestigious conservatories or  universities offering that luxury.  As for the classes being offered, these classes will be taught using the software that is currently being used in the graphics, animation and music composition industry.  The OCI founders have done extensive research with local and national companies to find out what software they are using in their businesses and what they would like and expect new hires and interns to know.  This research will continue constantly so that OCI will remain on top of the industry, cutting-edge, offering their students the experience and tools to prepare them for the real world. 

OCI will also be able to provide unique opportunities for their students.  OCI has the great fortune to have an affiliation with Nickelodeon and The Juilliard School.  Nickelodeon has agreed to review our  student's animation work with a possibility of it being shown in the segments between shows.  Juilliard has agreed to allow OCI's students to visit classes at Juilliard, offer special workshop classes from  Juilliard teachers and graduates and privately audition students, on instructor recommendation, that want to pursue a theatre arts degree.

 Synergy between the Theatre and the Institute

The Theatre and the Institute will work in conjunction with each other. 

  • For students at the Institute, an intern program with OhLook Theatre will be implemented so those students in the performing arts can have real life experience performing and working in a professional theatre. 
  • Many of the OhLook Theatre cast members and guest artists will form the core of our teaching company. This will afford the students the unique opportunity to train, and in some cases perform, with the nations top professionals and be seen by local and national casting directors, film and stage directors, and agents.


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